Extemp Nationals Released

June 11th, 2009

June 2009 Issue: Nationals

Foreword: Here, I have collected a few issues that will certainly appear at nationals, even if not directly. First, we will examine North Korea and its current behavior. Second, we have to take a look at the upcoming elections in Iran, as they are bound to impact affairs in the region quite a bit. Third, we'll delve into Barack Obama's recent international tour to learn about its effects. Finally, we need to understand some basic strategy for the National tournament.

This is my last Finalist File! I hope you enjoyed them or at least learned a thing or too. It's been a real thrill giving back to a community I care deeply about. I'm always available to anyone looking for help.

It's Nationals time! I hope you're ready, and good luck. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you prepare. I got a lot of help from a lot of different sources during my high school career. I'm always willing to try to repay that favor.

David Kumbroch

Extemp May 2009 Issue Released

May 16th, 2009

May 2009 Issue: Health & Environment

In recent years, questions about health and environment have been cropping up more and more often. However, few understand how closely linked health and environment are. First, we will examine global warming, and consider some of its impacts. Second, we have to take a look at the Kyoto Protocol, to grasp what is being done about global warming. Third, we'll delve into global water shortages to understand some of the ways global warming is felt. Finally, we need to study the growing threat of swine flu, because it is becoming more and more real.
Good luck as we get near nationals! Facebook questions.

David Kumbroch

Extemp April 2009: International Organizations

April 22nd, 2009

Foreword: One of the most popular topic areas in late rounds is always international organizations. Even if a question does not directly address an international organization, odds are analysis concerning one of these organizations will still be relevant. First, we will examine the International Monetary Fund, which many expect will play a major role in the current economic cycle. Second, we have to take a look at the rising eastern power bloc of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Third, we'll understand the development of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Finally, we need to study the thread that holds the international community together, the United Nations.

I always answer facebook questions. Ask away.

David Kumbroch

Extemp March 2009 Issue: Global Economic Outlook

March 24th, 2009

March 2009 Issue: Global Economic Outlook

Foreword: We've gone through the world, so I just moved down the list of last year's NFL national tournament round topics. I picked the topic that everyone wants to hear about right now anyway: the world economy. Unfortunately, the economy is sagging. This means a lot of economics speeches will look the same. The key to differentiating yourself in these rounds is how well you can explain it. Understanding the theory is imperative. So this month, I took a more theoretical approach. First, we will examine the tools governments have to handle recessions. Second, we have to understand the credit crunch that caused the global slowdown. Third, we'll take a look at the theories of Thomas Malthus and the economics of Africa. Finally, we need to study the rise of the Chinese model in the international community.

Contact me through facebook with any questions! Especially anything that is unclear.

David Kumbroch

Extemp February Issue Released

February 14th, 2009

Foreword: The US's influence appears to be waning in the international community. Nowhere is this more obvious than Latin America. The US relies on its hemisphere for support. Therefore, ensuring that we grasp Latin American affairs and the US's prospective role in them is imperative to comprehending the US's realm of control. First, we will examine Venezuela and its rapid shift toward socialism. Second, we have to understand Bolivia's attempts to follow in those footsteps. Third, we'll take a look at Cuba's peripheral role in Latin American affairs along with its changing face. Finally, we need to study Colombia's struggle with the FARC.

Contact me through facebook with any questions!

David Kumbroch