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Extemporaneous Speaking
Extemporaneous Speaking Finalist Files

Written By David Kumbroch - 2007 NFL International Extemp National Champion

About David

David is a graduate of Collierville High School, class of 2007. David excelled in his Extemporaneous Speaking career as a three-time national qualifier to the NFL National Tournament in International Extemp. A quarter-finalist his sophomore year, David advanced to the final round his junior and senior year. After placing third his junior year, David's high school speech career culminated his senior year winning the 2007 NFL International Extemp National Championship. During David's senior year, he also won the Wake Forest Earlybird Tournament, Emory University's Barkley Forum for High School, and the Tennessee State Tournament. David is the only person in Tennessee state history to win an event three years in a row. In addition to his Extemp success, David has also won tournaments in Impromptu, Congress, Duo, Oratory, After Dinner Speaking, Declamation, Informative, and Poetry. With a history of excellence, David can now share his passion and expertise of Extemporaneous Speaking with the entire speech and debate community through Finalist Files.

David now attends the University of Alabama and will graduate in 2011, majoring in Telecommunication and Film. David continues to compete on the national level with the speech team at the University of Alabama. David successfully finished the competitive speech season where he received fourth place in Extemp at NFA Nationals. At AFA Nationals, he was a quarter-finalist in Extemp and a semi-finalist in Communication Analysis.  He culminated his first year of collegiate competitive speech as the National Champion in both Extemp and Impromptu at DSR-TKA Nationals.


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Extemporaneous Speaking Handbook + DVD

Available for Pre-Order. Tentative Release Date June 15, 2008.

$55 (Includes $5 Shipping and Handling)

The Extemporaneous Speaking Handbook, written by David Kumbroch, focuses on how to prepare and execute a winning Extemp speech. It includes strategic advice on how to excel before the prep room, in the prep room, and after the prep room...everything you will need to know to become a Finalist! Plus useful Extemp jargon, extensive listing of critical resources, and practice Extemp questions. The Instructional DVD features tutorial Extemp speeches utilizing multiples techniques and styles, along with winning tips from David.

* Available in Hardcopy Format Only. Please allow 5 - 7 Business Days for Shipping.

International Extemp Book

Available for Pre-Order. Tentative Release Date June 15, 2008.


Includes profiles of over 75 of the world's most important countries and delves into the historical background and current development of each featured country. David covers trends, sources, and organizations from regions including the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In addition, he provides further perspective of United States Foreign Policy. From background information to likely questions, this summary of world affairs should give it all to up-and-coming Extempers and veterans alike!

* Available through Electronic Download/Email Only.

International Extemp Advanced Briefs

Available for Pre-Order. Release Date September 2008.

$20 - Monthly Issues
$150 - One Year Subscription (Includes 9 Monthly Issues + NFL Nationals)

The International Extemp Advanced Briefs features advanced analysis on topics and counties of interest. In addition, David also includes valuable sources to aid coaches and students in expanding their knowledge of current events. Add to your Finalist Files International Extemp Book each month with up-to-date research and reflections from David.

* Available through Electronic Download/Email Only.


Additional Features

Feedback from David

Have a quick question? Feel free to Contact David OR join the "Extemporaneous Speaking" facebook group and keep in touch with the 2007 NFL International Extemp National Champion.

Teaching Workshops

Learn from the best with an intensive workshop with David. Learn research and preparation tips. Get advice on picking topics, structuring your speech, speaking persuasively, cross-examining your opponent, and scoring well with judges.

Contact David for further details and billing information. Schedule a time for your Extemp team to meet with David.

One-on-one Consultation

Finalist Files will be hosting one-on-one consultation sessions with David Kumbroch at the NFL National Tournament. Receive extensive personal advice on perfecting your preparation, speaking skills, and tournament strategy that will help you on your way to the final rounds of Extemporaneous Speaking.

Contact David for more information. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an experienced, three-time national qualifying Extemper! Schedule time to meet with David at the NFL National Tournament.


One-on-one consultation sessions will be held before the 2008 NFL National Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, June 14th and June 15th in the meeting room at the Emerald Suites in Las Vegas. Click Here for Nationals Map.


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